When you think about pests it’s likely only a short amount of time before you think about mice, rats and other rodents. Mice and rats carry diseases and destroy property with their sharp incisors that allow them to chew through wood and other materials to gain access to your home or nearby property. If you can spot the damage signs early on, you can stop the damage from getting too great. Beyond that, these rodents tend to make a mess with their droppings, crawl around in filth, and carry parasites and other pests within their fur that bring health problems.

Betta Pest Management offers methods to get rid of rodents as well as rodent control solutions such as:

– Property inspections
– Bait stations
– Sealing up cracks and holes on the outside of buildings
– Finding nesting areas

These are just a few of the rodent control and prevention solutions. Betta Pest Management are rodent exterminators who can get rid of the rodent problem and offer advice on how to prevent a return infestation.

Request an appointment today to protect your property or business premises from rodents and call a Betta Pest Management rodents control expert by calling 0413 125 782 or contact us online.